A downloadable game for Windows

Street bots is my submission for the 5th Kajam with the theme "Retro".

Street bots is a 2D rpg inspired by pokemon.

Entering a world of street-fighting miniature robots, the player takes control of a teenage girl and her very first foxbot.

Explore the town, battling and learning about street bots in the process. With a large number of NPCs to speak to, opponents to battle and three playable bots to collect there are a multitude of different features to explore.

Deciding to take part in the 5th Kajam late, I joined the month long event just 10 days before the final submission date. Despite my productivity taking a huge hit for several days due to a nasty illness I am still very happy with what I produced. I created this project entirely solo.

Game created in Unity.

Graphics created in Piskel and GraphicsGale.

Music created with www.beepbox.co.


Street_Bots_Final.zip 13 MB


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Awesome game! Great job and super nice pokemon feel. I dig it!