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Welcome to Kaiju Control.

You have been given some basic fire DNA to start you off. Use this to create your first Kaiju in the "Cook a Kaiju" menu.

Obtain more DNA by defeating aliens and create new strong kaiju by combining different elements.

Battling each type of alien will unlock more information to help you discover its weakness! Defeat all the alien bases to win!

Don't let earth fall! Win the game by destroying all of the alien nests!

This game was made in a week as part of the GJL Game Parade Spring 2021.

You can download the game from Keith's itch page: https://keithorkeith.itch.io/kaiju-control

Lead programmer: Stuart Paterson(Ztuu)

Programming and 2D art: Keith Nimmo (https://keithnimmo.com/)

3D art: David Burdett

Here is a short "making of" video I made :)


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Proud of this one!