A downloadable game for Windows

Here's my wowie jam entry! Monsters will infinitely spawn, doors will randomly take you to other doors. See how long you can last!

Designed for an xbox controller.

Left analogue stick = Move

A = Jump

B = Shoot

(B+Down) in air = Shoot Downwards

Keyboard controls

A+D = Move

Space = Jump

Left Ctrl = Fire

(LCtrl + S_ in air = Shoot Downwards

The menu sort of works with controller, if it doesn't you can always use the mouse as a back up.

I did the majority of this game in the final 3 hours of the jam... Woops!

Awesome art by Cryoscopic E, get it free here! - https://cryoscopic-e.itch.io/old-world

I've released the source code for this game so you can take a look, or even download everything and open it in unity! Get it here: https://github.com/Ztuu/Hop-n-Blast

Here is alternate builds for webgl and linux https://ztuu.itch.io/hop-n-blast-alternate-builds


Game exe (Windows) 19 MB


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Whats the game engine plz

Unity :)

thanks amigo